We commit to providing safe and supportive environments which nurture the wellbeing of all students and staff in our community, and hold firmly to the belief that they have a right to be safe, respected and valued in an inclusive environment. We know that when students are happy, they are more engaged with their learning.

Schools benefit from wellbeing initiatives and pastoral care support through Sydney Catholic Schools – in areas such as anti-bullying, positive behaviour, student counselling, refugee support and child protection – which range from universal support for all students, to targeted interventions for students with complex social and emotional needs.

  • Dedicated Pastoral Care Program – Lesson each week dedicated to student wellbeing.
  • School Counsellors are available four days a week to students. 
  • College partners with the Resilience Project – A researched-backed wellbeing platform for students, staff, and parents.
  • A blended approach to Academic and Pastoral Care to ensure all students are happy, healthy, and academically thriving.


Our Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at St Aloysius College Cronulla is based on:

  • An understanding of God’s personal and unconditional love of the individual, who is created in God’s image and likeness.
  • The fact that “The Catholic School is committed to the development of the whole person, since in Christ, the perfect human being, all human values find their fulfilment and unity.”  (The Catholic School, 1997, n.35)
  • Jesus’ message of love which is proclaimed in the Gospels.
  • A community modeled on the teachings of St John Baptist De La Salle.
  • The recognition of the value and contribution each member of the College community makes to the development of the particular charism of the school.
  • The belief is that teaching is a vocation of service.
  • An acceptance of equity, fairness, and justice in all policies, structures, and relationships.
  • A safe and disciplined environment where the students feel the challenge to pursue excellence in all areas of school life, spiritual, academic, cultural, and sporting.
  • A commitment to the development of self-discipline in students, founded on affirmation, in a secure, structured environment.
  • The network of relationships between administrators, staff, students, parents, and the wider community.

Pastoral care at St Aloysius College Cronulla is an ongoing process that finds its inspiration in the Gospels and is founded on the love that Jesus Christ has for every individual. It provides an atmosphere that makes the individual feel accepted, valued and loved. It is developed through the interplay of relationships within the whole College community, based on mutual respect and open communication. It encourages freedom, openness, and flexibility in the approach to student management that enables each student to be cared for individually and places great emphasis on affirming the good qualities of each while encouraging them to grow and assume responsibility for their personal development.

At St Aloysius College Cronulla we recognise that the well-being of students and staff is of primary concern. The College has a clear pathway of communication that students and parents can use if specific and/or urgent pastoral care needs emerge. An important part of this is access to the College Counselor, who is available two days per week, but also may be available at other times if an emergency eventuates. Our Counselor works closely with external professional support agencies and appointments to meet with our Counselor can be initiated by students, parents, or staff.

The College also recognises the need for specific members of staff such as the Year Coordinators, to have ongoing professional development in all aspects of Pastoral Care. These key people work with the Counselor to support students. Our Pastoral Care program also recognizes that counseling should not always be “reactive”. Therefore, students are guided in their development by taking responsibility for important skills such as building resilience.

Our college retreat program for Year 11 students takes place early in Term 3. It is facilitated by the teachers at the college and provides an opportunity for the students to explore their spirituality. This is a valuable time as students reflect on their lives, and their role in the community, at the college, and beyond. This is a meaningful experience for the students and is noted as one of the highlights of their time at the College

The Lasallian charism is fostered in our community. Staff and students experience training and education that continues to develop our sense of being Lasallian at the college. This year we are fortunate to have Jake Wedesweiler (Year 12, 2015) as our Lasallian Youth Minister working with the students two days per week, providing a ‘Lasallian youth experience.’

When in Year 12 the Leadership team undertakes further training that will enable them to lead the College community in the ways of De La Salle. They also have opportunities to work with other senior students from other Lasallian schools.

Immersion experiences provide a much deeper experience and the Lasallian Youth Ministry offers several experiences to students at the end of Year 12 including trips to New Zealand, New Guinea, and Pakistan. 

Anti-bullying policy

Sydney Catholic Schools rejects all forms of bullying behaviours, including online (or cyber) bullying, by maintaining a commitment to providing safe, inclusive, and respectful learning communities that promote student well-being for learning. Staff at Sydney Catholic Schools are committed to employing well-being strategies that allow for a healthy school environment where bullying is less likely to occur.

If your child is experiencing bullying of any kind, or you have a well-being concern, we have a number of support services available for parents/carers and students, as listed below.

Support services: