At St Aloysius College Cronulla, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Mr Stephen Mahoney
Dean of College 7-12 Mr Jon Cullerton
Dean of Mission Mrs Therese Hughes
Leader of Learning: Integrated Curriculum, Pedagogy, Assessment Ms Lynne Slater
Leader of Operations and Administration Mrs Katherine Meagher
Business Manager Mrs Krissa Schipp
Instructional Leader: Creative and Performing Arts Mr Byron Hurst
Instructional Leader: English Mrs Shannon Gee
Instructional Leader: Human Society & Its Environment(HSIE) Mr David Callander
Instructional Leader: Mathematics & Numeracy Mr Luke David
Instructional Leader: Personal Development Health & Physical Education Mrs Sarah Fox
Instructional Leader: Science Mrs Jennifer Ming
Instructional Leader: Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) Mrs Lisa McColl
Instructional Leader: Diverse Learning Mrs Emma Heffernan
Instructional Leader: Pathways Mrs Yvette Kennedy
Instructional Leader: Vocational Education Mr Andrew Christoforidi
Instructional Leader: Co-Curricular (sport) Mr Nathan Smith
Youth Ministry Coordinator Ms Sara Gamsaragan
Ms Michelle Aurelius Mrs Michelle Morrison
Ms Jennifer Benson Ms Kerryn Morrissey
Mr Thomas Chivers Mrs Adriana Muscat
Mr Andrew Christofordis Mrs Josie Raftery
Mrs Maree Cullen Mrs Gabriella Randall
Mrs Michaela Dee Mr Jason Smith
Mr Rodney Forward Ms Grace Train
Mr Tony Ginestra Ms Meg Wade
Mrs Lynette Hallion
Mrs Rada Hennington
Mr Lachlan Hillman
Mrs Louise James
Mrs Julie Leonard