As part of Sydney Catholic Schools, we employ highly qualified and competent teachers who are accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). To continuously improve our practice, teachers also work towards the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, from proficient teacher to lead teacher level.

The delivery of quality curriculum, pedagogy (teaching methods) and assessment is ensured by our system of schools through the provision of contemporary NESA accredited professional learning in a range of modes. Our Centres of Excellence offer online learning and external face-to-face courses, and timely, collaborative and relevant in-situ learning take place within the context of each classroom. Sydney Catholic Schools’ teachers are strongly committed to their ongoing learning, with many having completed, or are currently undertaking, postgraduate studies in areas related to curriculum, student wellbeing, special education, theology, pastoral care and leadership.

Experienced HSC teachers make all the difference

Experienced HSC teachers make all the difference

The staff at St Aloysius College Cronulla is an experienced team of teachers who share their expertise with colleagues in an ongoing program of professional development.

More than half of our teachers have been HSC markers for many years and can bring this knowledge to their classrooms and their colleagues. A number of them have also held senior positions at HSC marking, including one who held the most senior position in her subject.

This sharing of experience has resulted in our teachers achieving outstanding results. This is evidenced by the number of top-placed NSW students in their classes at the college. Six of our staff have guided their students to the top 10 places in the state. Some of these teachers have achieved this on two or three occasions.

Further evidence of the quality of Teaching and Learning can be found in the state-wide acknowledgment of our Student Achievers. Showcase Exhibitions of Outstanding NSW HSC achievers such as Design Technology (Shape awards) and Art Express regularly exhibit work from St Aloysius Cronulla. Visual Arts and Design Technology students at the college have been exhibited or shortlisted for these prestigious showcases on an annual basis for many years.

Our teachers are also professionally engaged in their subject areas. Many have held positions where they have led Professional Development for their Archdiocesan or professional association colleagues. Others serve as senior judges in State and National competitions. We have on staff the winners of major prizes for Excellence in Teaching such as Vocational Education and Training Teacher of the Year, The Premier’s Prize for History Teaching, and The NSW Quality Teaching Award.

Many of St Aloysius College Cronulla’s teachers also distinguish themselves in their specific areas of subject expertise. They have presented papers to International Conferences on their subject areas, advised NESA syllabus committees, and contributed as examiners and assessors to the Catholic Secondary Schools Association examination committees. Others have acted as curators and judges of Student showcases and prizes. Some of our teachers also hold Leadership positions on prominent decision-making bodies such as Art Gallery Boards, and NESA where a staff member serves as a Catholic Education Commission representative for Vocational Education and Training.